It’s Happening…

Well, hubster got the first box of many today! Jason, at the post office is getting pretty familiar with me and I’m getting pretty good at filling out Customs Forms. Guam, here we come!

Dishes and silverware down, 4 more boxes en route.

I cannot wait to start this new adventure in Guam. what 25 year old just gets to up and move across the country?!

29 days until constant sunshine, flip flops, and beachy afternoons.

Why Not Now?

I seem to be asking myself this question more and more frequently lately.

Move back home? Why not now?
Move across the country? Why not now?
Eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? Why not now?

If there is one thing that this past year has taught me, it’s to listen to those three little words; Why Not Now?

I decided I wanted to start journalling/blogging/jotting down my thoughts because why not now? I have been making a lot of big moves in the last year, some of the biggest in the last two months, and in the months ahead. I want to be able to vent, laugh, be excited, and be able to look back and say “I remember that, how crazy!?”

It was March of 2014 and I decided to move to Wisconsin to take a position with a pretty great company because why not? I had graduated from college, didnt love any of the jobs i was doing, and needed something to get me out of my post-graduate funk. Why not? I packed my car, and moved. I lived in a hotel for about a week, and then on a friends couch (she had just met me). It would seem that someone wouldnt move 500 miles away without a plan but I did just that and it was a wonderful experience. I ended up moving in with a girl that had only met me once and trusted me enough to move in with her; to trust that neither of us would kill eachother in our sleep (Thanks, Anna!) and I met two of the greatest girls and trusted friends in a place that I knew absolutely no one. The little things like my dad putting my stuff on the curb, and my $70 cab ride home the weekend of Anna’s Graduation, our completely random kitchen dance parties, laying in the hallway upstairs while Jamie is getting ready, and all of the little things like always forgetting something and having to take one more trip inside. Those are things that I dont want to ever foreget. Anna told me one thing as I left on my journey home, and to Guam; she said that if there was one thing she loved most it was journaling – just getting everything out there. So here we are. Thanks Anna.

Well it’s a little more than a year later and here i am, almost 4 in the morning back in my childhood room, and I cant sleep. It’s incredible the monumental things that have taken place in such a short amount of time. I’m MARRIED and about to move across the globe to GUAM in 40 some days. Do you even know where Guam is on a map? I sure as hell didnt, and now im moving there! As far as my hubby, well, he’s prettty pretttttty incredible. Let’s just say that If it werent for him, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’ll spare some of the mushy details for now because well, he’s a Navy Sailor and he’s only secretly got a warm and loving soul; don’t tell the guys 😉

So here we are, starting this little adventure during my new adventure. Even if literally no one in the world knows about this except for Tony; I think I will always write it like i’m telling a friend the stories because that’s how I’ll want to read them when the time comes, so I can picture each moment and remember.

And so it begins because well…

why not.